Product Description - Rod, Bar & Machining Stock

pvc rodGF Harvel's state-of-the-art extrusion process provides porosity-free, stressed-reduced PVC and CPVC bar, rod, tubing, and angle with optimum physical properties and exacting tolerances—products that consistently machine with ease. GF Harvel produces stock machining shapes in solid round, hollow round, hexagonal, square, and rectangular from 1/8" through 12" diameters. Standard PVC colors include white, gray, black, and clear – with custom colors, sizes, and lengths also available. Standard CPVC shapes are light gray in color.

GF Harvel's PVC and CPVC machining shapes provide cost-effective solutions for industrial applications and offer excellent chemical and corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, and thermal and electrical properties. Machining shapes are non-contaminating (for purity applications) and have exceptional flammability characteristics.