Applications for Plastic Extrusions

plastic extrusions

extruded shape productsAn endless variety of finished parts and subcomponents can be readily produced using conventional machining methods such as cutting, boring, drilling, turning and threading. This provides a means to produce many custom assemblies and fixtures that are not available as extruded or molded items. Machined components and fixtures can then be incorporated into large assemblies or existing systems using standard solvent cementing, heat forming/ bending, or hot-air welding techniques, providing material consistency and integration for an entire system.

Typical products produced from extruded shapes include valve bodies and components, strainers, filters, pressure vessels, bulkhead fittings, pump components, bushings, compression fittings, flanges, hangers, headers, hooks, adapters, spacers, caps, sleeves, plugs, stiffeners, hubs, nuts, bolts, rollers, and numerous other mechanical components and appurtenances.

extruded plastic